You go to the movies and you see a movie trailer and it makes you want to go see the flick. Or they show someone eating a hot dog, drinking a soda, hot butter over popcorn, a slushee, you want it all and you get up and purchase those items.How do you resist the power of suggestion those pictures have or that movie trailer has?

Eat some popcorn! In a study conducted by the University of Cologne in Germany and reported in The Guardian, eating popcorn blocks the pervasive influence of advertising, specifically those ads that appear before movies.The researchers’ reasoning is straightforward enough. Every time we see or hear a new name – say, “Benedict Cumberbatch” – our mouths unconsciously try to pronounce that name. Chewing disrupts this “inner speech,” the Cologne study suggests, keeping the new name from being imprinted on our brains.

It's kind of the old selling technique that if they can put it in your hands you won't put it back, put you behind the wheel and you'll want to drive it home, it's because you feel like you need it and you subconsiously say it to yourself.

Once the product is top of mind, you want it.

So, it's a catch 22, they want to sell you popcorn, they hope you don't eat it before they show you the ads.



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