Wouldn't it make your shopping experience smoother if you could know you had a parking spot at the Mall of America? You could totally organize your shopping trip by getting your parking spot ahead of time.

According to the startribune.com all it takes is an app and follow the steps. The app is called MyPark, and you can pick a spot. I would imagine you won't get the spot up front, but you might get lucky and park next to the stores you want to shop at.

According to startribune.com these are the steps to follow in order to make your reservation:

  • Download the MyPark app, then open the app to select your preferred parking location.
  • You will get an e-mail 15 minutes before your reserved time to let you know which spot to go to.
  • Upon arrival to your parking spot, you’ll hit a button on your phone and a tiny little robot will lower to allow you to drive to your parking spot.

There is a small fee. It is $6 for your first two hours and $3 per additional hour. I know some of you are saying, "That's how they get you!". Yes, if you get the convenience of picking your parking spot, don't you think it's worth a small fee in order to make your shopping day go faster instead of driving around for hours to find an open spot on level 27?

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