The 2022 NFL schedule will be completely unveiled Thursday night at 7:00 p.m., however there have already been a handful of games confirmed for the upcoming season and a couple include the Minnesota Vikings in high profile matchups.

The National Football League first announced the Minnesota Vikings would travel to London on Sunday, October 2 to battle the New Orleans Saints. Also announced, the Green Bay Packers would make their first ever trip to London on Sunday, October 9 to face the New York Giants.

Shortly thereafter, the NFL released more information on the upcoming 2022 season schedule and it once again involved the Minnesota Vikings. This time, it was the Vikings hitting the road for a Week 2 Monday Night Football doubleheader where they will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Now, just hours before the 2022 NFL schedule is officially released, there rumors are circulating and they once again involve the Minnesota Vikings in a high profile matchup. If true, this one is pretty cool.

Multiple sources, including, are reporting that the Vikings will be part of a Thanksgiving triple header in which they will host a Thanksgiving game for the first time in franchise history. The New England Patriots will be traveling to U.S. Bank Stadium in the night game.

If the rumors hold true, the Vikings would cap a full day of football featuring some interesting matchups, including a tough game for division rival Detroit Lions.

Considering the Vikings finished 8-9 last year and missed the playoffs, it's interesting the NFL has placed them in 3 high profile games that we know of so far.

We will know all 2022 NFL schedule details Thursday night, then let the trash talking begin.

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