This is sad for the Minnesota Gophers who are coming off of an 11-2 season and had Gopher fans licking their lips for this season.

Dan Patrick was the first to break the news this morning on his Dan Patrick radio show. The story goes on to say that the decision was made because of the coronavirus pandemic.   The Pioneer Press is reporting that a Big Ten Official called the New York Times anonymously and said they still had to vote and were going to have a discussion on a conference call tonight (8/10). They report that Minnesota President Joan Gabel is expected to join the phone call, and nothing has been said from her office, nor was she taking interviews.

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If this does happen, the Pioneer Press is reporting that the Gophers will lose about $75 million dollars to its athletic department and could set back some other funded programs.

Bucky's 5th Quarter/SB Nation are saying that Wisconsin's President Kevin Warren was honest and said first they would cancel the non-conference games then they would look at the season, and he was thinking that might go too. is also reporting they are hearing the same fate for Ohio State football.

How do the players feel? ABC News is reporting that the players have united into a small union in order to get their voices heard. They want to play is what most of them are saying. The article goes on to say that over 1000 Big Ten players are part of the union to play. There may be more to it than letting the players play because they want to.

My question is if they sign a waiver could they play? Would that be taken into consideration? I think the Colleges could be held liable, not to mention if a player dies from the COVID-19. It certainly would lead to more discussions with lawyers.

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