My G.M. Merry Wallin comes running in to the studio and says. "Hey Chris, do your kids get ink on their hands?" Of course they do, so then Merry showed me some ink on her hand and put hand sanitizer and it came right off. That got me thinking, there's got to be more uses for sanitizer than sanitizing and glazing donuts (ok don't try that at home, I was goofing off with Rayman one day and...oh wait that's another story), so I looked it up.Here's what I found.;

Remove Ink Stains Off Hands

When I’m writing my articles, I write them in long hand before I type them up. I usually get a lot of ink on my hands because I’m lucky enough to use a leaky pen. Washing my hands doesn’t always get all of the ink off of them. I experimented with hand sanitizer and I was surprised that it took the ink off of my hands. The hand sanitizer worked better at getting the ink stains off than soap and water did. It worked rather quickly. Now I know what I have to do whenever I get ink on my hands. I will grab my hand sanitizer.

Remove Small Stains From Clothes

Sometimes I get spots on my clothes and can’t get them off. I dab hand sanitizer on the spot and the spot goes away. You can use it the way you would use Spray N Wash by rubbing the clothes together after you put the sanitizer on it. I should warn you that you should test a small spot on your clothes first to make sure that it doesn’t mess up your clothes. It’s not supposed to be used for clothes so it may stain them if you don’t test it first. I’m not trying to suggest that hand sanitizer is a substitute for washing your clothes. This tip is for when you need to remove a small stain in a pinch.