I know during COVID, people purchased a ton of hand sanitizer, and some people still have gallons of it left. Some of these ideas I found out, some were told to me, some I researched.

Remove Ink Stains Off Hands

When I’m writing my articles, I write them in longhand before I type them up. I usually get a lot of ink on my hands because I’m lucky enough to use a leaky pen. Washing my hands doesn’t always get all of the ink off of them. I just happened to put some hand sanitizer on my hands and noticed the ink disappear. Couldn't find this on the internet.

Remove Small Stains From Clothes

This was shown to me by a friend in Nashville when I lived there. He kept a small bottle with his detergent and would use it when he had hard to clean stains and greasy stains. I used it on my clothes when I started working at a restaurant. House Wife How To says it's true, you can use it on clothes and it will get stains out. It gets ink off of your hands and clothes.

Disinfect Your Smartphone

I read in an article that your phone is one of the dirtiest and germiest places in a person's life. People use their phones on the toilet, ugh! So all these germs get attached to the phone, use hand sanitizer on your phone to get them off. Obviously, sanitizing wipes work, but you can use old hand sanitizer. Healthy hand sanitizer also backed this up.

Remove Residue From Stickers And Tape

You pull off a sticker on something or old duct tape, or any tape and there is residue. Some people use Goo Gone, but you can pull out the hand sanitizer and get it off. Housewife how to says you can apply it and wipe it off with a cloth. You can use it to get the sticker off too.

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Make Dry Erase Boards Come Alive

You erase a dry erase board and notice the ghostwriting that stays after a while, you use Windex and nothing happens. Housewife how to says you can use hand sanitizer to clean it all off. The ink will come off and the board will become white again. You can also erase permanent markers from the dry erase board.

Mosquito Bites and Pimples

Who knew that hand sanitizer would be a skincare item. Um, all of us. If you use it on pimples it helps to clear your skin, and your lumps and bumps because mosquito bites can be treated with hand sanitizer. We use it on our skin already and it cleans it and sanitizes it. Housewife how to says use it on our face and arms and it will do wonders.

Get Christmas Tree Sap Off

Use it in your wash and on your hands. Housewife how to says after you are done putting up your tree and you get that sap on your hands and clothes, you can use hand sanitizer on both and not have to worry.

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