All the charities in the area want to say thank you to the people that have been dropping things off to help, there are more people in need that the area can fathom.

Damiano Center, Union Gospel Mission, Chum, the food banks, and Bethel (which helps women who need to leave their situation of living and most of the time have young children or babies) All have some of the same want lists and different ones too. Some are more specialized.

A good bet is to drop off gently used pants, shirts, sweatshirts, and suits or dress clothes for job interviews, this may take a visit to your closet and clean out clothing you haven't worn in years. They always need underwear and are looking for certain types because of the need of the community. Men's boxers/boxer briefs, size S, M, L, XL. Women's panties size 5, 6, 7, 8. Crew socks, deodorant, basic healthcare items in travel sizes (toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, dental floss, razors), adult size flip-flops for shower shoes. Obviously, if you do drop off undergarments please make them new in the package.

It isn't as cold anymore, but people are still staying outside and sleeping on the streets so you can drop off items like Sleeping bags, tents, tarps, rain gear. Good blankets or other things to sit on or sleep with.
When it comes to food shelves, the needs are year-round, it's the time of year that instant and boxed foods are in demand. Some of the things top of mind are canned goods, ramen noodles, soup, bread, peanut butter, dry boxed goods, or things that can stand a long time on the shelf.

Here is a list of items needed I found online that is pretty generic, but not at the top of the mind:

  • Sweets/Chocolates.  While they may not be a necessity, these treats are often left off of donation lists and might provide a smile for a younger child in the family of need.
  • Baby Items.  Necessary items like diapers and wipes, formula, even pacifiers, and accessories can be expensive.  Often, families that are utilizing food shelf programs have young or infant children.
  • Toiletries/Over-The-Counter Medicines.  Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste,.  Antacid, Band-Aids, First-aid items, Aspirin or other pain relievers.
  • Feminine Products.  Much like baby items, feminine products are a necessity that can be expensive.
  • Crackers.  The shelf life on items like crackers can be extended and they make a good item that helps stretch a food budget and meal plan.  Add cheese and/or meat and you have a nutritious meal.
  • Spices.  It's as simple as adding salt and pepper or get some chili powder or something else that can transform simple items or meats into many other meals.
  • Dry Soup Packets.  While it seems like everyone donates cans of soup, dried envelopes of soup can also be put to good use. Ramen and cup a soup can go a long way too.
  • Other Canned Fruits and Vegetables.  Some of the most popular donations are corn, beans, and pineapple. There are other healthy vegetables you could donate like asparagus, squash, plums, and canned pie filling? Being they are in cans they can stay on the shelf for a while.
  • Flour and Sugar. Baking items to make meals or treats can go a long way in stretching the food and giving a variety to the family.

Again call ahead and see what the needs are before you go. Cash always works in every situation if you don't have time to organize a list or pick up items and it will always be appreciated.

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