The Minnesota wild turkey hunting season begins Saturday, October 1 and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a handy page filled with resources to help hunters.

According to the DNR, hunting is allowed in any open permit area statewide. When securing a license, all hunters are asked which permit area they hunt most but that does not restrict the hunter to that area.

It's always a great idea for all hunters to brush up on Minnesota's wild turkey hunting rules and regulations each season.

For example, when it comes to registration the following rules apply:

  • Wild turkeys must be registered within 24 hours of harvest.
  • You may now register by three methods: at a registration station, by calling 888-706-6367 or online.
  • The feathers, head, and feet must remain on the wild turkey until it is registered. Once registered turkeys may be transported with just a fully feathered attached wing, or an intact leg and foot.
  • No person may possess an unregistered wild turkey outside the wild turkey permit area where the bird was taken unless it is being transported in a direct route to a registration station.
  • Although hunters are not restricted to a permit area, hunters who register a turkey will be required to provide the permit area where they harvested their bird.
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Some of the general restrictions hunters need to keep in mind include:

  • No person may be accompanied by a dog while hunting or assisting in hunting wild turkeys.
  • Wild turkeys may not be taken with the aid of any electronic device, except red dot scopes, rangefinders and devices designed to enhance hearing may be used.
  • Live turkey decoys are prohibited.
  • Hunters may not possess any firearms or bow and arrow except those defined as legal for taking wild turkeys. This does not apply to firearms authorized under the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.
  • Hunting with aid of bait or feed prohibited

The Minnesota DNR has a wild turkey hunting page that is filled with helpful information relating to regulations that are in place for firearms, bows & arrows and crossbows.

The wild turkey hunting page also information on tagging, permit areas and more. They also provide a link to purchase your hunting license.

The Minnesota 2022 fall wild turkey hunting season runs from Saturday, October 1 through Sunday, October 30.

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