I guess you'd call me a Mac guy, I've used Apple products years before it was cool to use Apple products. At work we use windows based computers, and I have one of my own at home as well. My home computer runs Windows Vista, which most people know is a real dud.That being said, it did serve my needs for four years, and because I do the bulk of my computer work here at the radio station, I had no reason to upgrade.

Several days ago, I saw Chris using his computer, and i saw all these colorful tiles on the home screen. "That's cool" I said, and Chris explained to me it was Windows 8. He showed me some of the functions, and I thought it was pretty cool. He suggested I upgrade my Vista to Windows 8. I found out all I could online (reviews) which were not great, but I went ahead and purchased it anyway, figuring it had to be better than Vista.

Installation was a breeze, easy and fast. I had it up and running in less that twenty minutes. I didn't loose anything in the transition either, (documents, pictures, etc).which was a pleasant surprise. Setting Windows 8 up the way I wanted was just a tad tricky due to operator error (me). I set up all my work related programs, passwords, bookmarks, e-mails, and apps, along with my  social media accounts, printer, etc. just the way I wanted.

Everything worked perfectly, which was another surprise. It even ran all my old programs without any problem.. So far, I'm very pleased, and I consider my thirty-nine dollar investment a good one. When I ran Vista, it would take me between three and one half to four minutes to boot up. The same to shutdown. Since I've installed Windows 8, my computer boots up in forty five seconds, the same for shutdown. Windows 8 is fast, and it works flawlessly. In a computer, that's all I want.