When I first read this news I was outraged, then I saw the reason, I calmed down but is this law a bit too much? You decide. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has announced that flights coming back to America will not allow devices that are not fully charged.

When I first saw it, I thought of me. I am not always charged up full when I get on the plane. What if someone was flying one country to another and can't get a charge because the charging station is full, like most airports?

Whenever I fly, I can't seem to find a charge and so my phone is not ever charged up, let alone my laptop.

According to the article the TSA will most likely ask you to power up your laptop, because that is the most used to make a bomb. They said most devices that are used to create an explosive aren't charged all the way. Ok, that makes sense to me, but why can't they x-ray it before they make a judgement call? I am afraid that this rule may make it to the US as well.