"For You To See The Stars" is the latest project by Country Crooner Radney Foster that combines the story and the song together.

The media combination is sold in a Deluxe version, but the book is a collection of stories, then the album is a collection of the songs that were inspired by the stories. Some of them are made up, some are about deep-seated emotions about Foster's family history and growing up.

Radney Foster started as a writer in Nashville and noticed the chemistry he had with Bill Lloyd, a session player, and writer, and they soon teamed up to form Foster and Lloyd and spun off a few hits. When the pair stopped recording together, Foster tried being a solo artist and had a hit with "Just Call Me Lonesome". and "Nobody Wins".

This new project you can buy separately or together, I own the one together, it's more fun to hear the story, which sometimes can be 35 minutes, then the song.

Here's Radney doing a song my friend George Ducas.

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