Proctor schools would like your help. Are you a Kelly Clarkson fan? You might be after you hear this. Proctor schools is asking for you to vote once a day for a contest and it could bring Kelly and $100,000 to the Northland. Here's how it works.

Go to the website and register to vote. Click "Join the Celebration" it will bring you to a page that asks you for your email address and your birth date. You must be over the age of 14 to participate in the contest. Put in Minnesota as the State, PROCTOR as the school and 55810 as the zip. If you experience difficulty with the website not recognizing the school go back and do not include the PROCTOR name but just the 55810 zip. The website will then bring you to choose Proctor High School as an option. Next click a box that says "I want to receive updates on the contest".

A student team from Proctor is committed to making this a success at Proctor High School. Thank you to dedicated students, Caitlin Rudd, Kaitlin Nicolson, Bailee Coughlin, Britt Zieroth, and Chelsea Swanson. They are all asking that you vote every day.

More importantly, it's teaching students the importance of safe, like pledging to wear seatbelts and not texting while driving. In all, $3.25 million in grants will be awarded to 100 winning high schools with 10 percent of each grant dedicated to teen driver safety education.

Again, you can vote every day (you are encouraged to do so) the voting closes October 28th!  Winners will be announced on Dec. 6. The Clarkson concert will be in the spring. Best wishes to the Proctor School District and thank you for promoting safe driving for all!



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