An impressive collection of clothing, jewelry, signed albums and even a guitar formerly owned by Prince is currently up for auction.

The guitar, a custom-built, electric yellow creation by Minneapolis luthier Kurt Nelson was designed specifically for Prince in his signature "Cloud" design style. Nelson recalled that after receiving the request by Paisley Park and building the instrument, he didn't hear from them again.

"I lost contact and never knew what happened to them until recently when this one showed up," he confirmed with the auction house. "This IS the guitar I built for Prince. The color was chosen by Paisley Park and I was given one of Prince's yellow handkerchiefs to color match the Cloud to."

Also included in the selection of auction items is a rare first pressing of Prince's The Black Album. Vinyl copies of the record were never commercially released in the US -- Prince had the album pulled just before its launch, citing a spiritual experience that convinced him the album was "evil."

Another highlight is what might ordinarily be a plain red spiral notebook, but it's made anything but ordinary with Prince's scrawling handwriting across the front which reads "Under the Cherry Moon." Inside is eight pages of Prince's handwritten working manuscript script for the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon. An inner title page is signed "'Under the Cherry Moon,' by Prince."

For fans wondering what Prince was like off-stage and off-camera, there's a 1988 cassette tape containing two of Prince's personal voice messages. “Karen, can you have Ashley bring by food?" he says on one side of the tape, speaking to Karen Krattinger, his executive assistant at the time. "When it's ready, she can just leave it in the kitchen. Thanks."

Of course, the auction collection would not be complete without numerous Prince-worn garments and accessories, including sunglasses, shoes and cufflinks. The famed ruffled white shirt Prince wore for the filming of Purple Rain is currently the second most expensive item in the collection, after the guitar. The auction house boasts that the shirt is in "fine condition, with expected wear from use."

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