If you own an Ice Cream Shop, I would guess that the perfect time to close and renovate would be during the coldest months of the year.

That's exactly what Love Creamery in Canal Park is doing, they closed their Canal Park location on January 1st and plan to reopen sometime in early February, no date was given, but not to worry if you're a fan, their Lincoln Park shop will stay open for any ice cream desires.

Love Creamy says that they are working on doing a few renovations to get ready for increased traffic as warmer weather and tourists start to return for the spring and summer seasons.

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Love Creamy started serving its unique brand of ice cream in 2014 at local markets and other private events, today they have two storefronts in Duluth and serve an everchanging selection of small-batch ice cream made from mostly locally sourced ingredients.

Besides regular ice cream, they also serve up Gluten-Free and Vegan options and clearly identify products that may contain nuts, alcohol, or soy. They also offer their ice cream in to-go pints, cream bars, ice cream sandwiches (they call them Sammies), and a selection of ice cream cakes and pies.

If you ever want to know what they are serving each day, just check their website for a complete list of what they are scooping up that day and selling in to-go pints. I look forward to seeing what renovations they make in Canal Park and grabbing some ice cream of course when they reopen next month.

TSM Photo Lauren Wells
TSM Photo Lauren Wells

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