Expect loud noises.  Anticipate seeing a heavy police presence.  And most of all - relax - it's for scheduled training.  The Superior Police Department is working hard to get the word out in advance of some tactical training that they have scheduled for Friday, June 14 at Cooper Elementary School.  The hands-on training will occur from approximately 10:00 AM until about 6:00 PM.

According to an email notification from the Superior School District, this tactical training "often involves loud noises" - including explosions and targeted gun fire.  Residents who live in the Billings Park neighborhood near Cooper Elementary should not be alarmed if those noises are heard; this is an approved police training exercise.

Police departments routinely schedule training sessions to maintain their skills; the sharpness of those skills is very important in high-risk cases when the police are out in the field on a call.

Additional information about the scheduled tactical police training can be found on the department's website or that of the Superior School District.


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