Two wrongs don't make a right.

A woman in Redondo Beach, Calif. named Lauren Ledford received an intense handwritten four-page letter from the man who delivered her pizza one week after she got the order from the courier using the Postmates app.

The man didn't get a tip and his letter starts off lightly, with him claiming he's high and needs tips to "stay toasty." He then let Ledford have it in the missive, saying if "you do not tip yet again, I'm gonna probably rob you. I'm joking, but not really."

Hey, considering he says he's high, let's give this guy a round of applause for only taking a week to write a letter complaining about the tip. It could've taken him just a week to find a pen.

Ledford doesn't see it that way, though. She says she thought gratuity was included in her charge and believed thinks the man is "unstable." She's also been sufficiently scared that she called the police, who are investigating the matter. She also wants a restraining order, saying it's a way to make sure this issue doesn't spiral out of control. Postmates, meanwhile, has suspended the man.

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