It always pays to be diligent - especially with your financial information.  The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is alerting the general public about a recent phone scam that is making the rounds that uses their identity as a pitch for more information.  Their office is offering a reminder that they never request payments or financial information over the phone.

The scam works like this:  Potential victims receive a phone call from someone identifying themselves as being with the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office.  The person on the phone then claims that the recipient has missed a jury duty summons or that there is a warrant out for them.  Then, they offer to rectify the situation over the phone by asking for bank account numbers or other personal information.

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office reminds people to never respond to these types of calls - no matter who the scammer pretends to be.  Keep your guard up at all times.  If someone calls from a law enforcement agency, bank, etc and asks for personal information, ask for a phone number that you can call them back at to verify their identity.  At the same time, never provide personal information (bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc) over the phone.

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