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Snooki may be entering a new chapter in her life! There's a rumor that the 24-year-old pint-sized Jersey Shore star is preparing to make the big announcement.  She and her boyfriend are expecting their first child! NOOOOOOO ! Now they will have their own TV show, it’s a curse!!




The folks at TV central are starting to worry, they still haven’t found someone to replace Regis on Regis and Kelly…maybe they should change the name? I volunteer!!! I think they should just keep getting Fabulous Hollywood hunks to make more appearances!!




Here’s the Hot Poop!! Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner who announced their separation earlier this month, were smiling brightly, hitting the town together in West Hollywood.  "They are not back together," a source close to the couple explains to Us Weekly. They are still spending time together and "trying to figure out how to separate," Well, I know it’s hard for Avril, someone made a pass at her ex and she pounded her in the mouth. AAAAW ain’t love grand.



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