A California pharmaceutical supplier has filed a lawsuit to obtain payment and a restraining order against Wisconsin-based Shopko ahead of the retailers rumored bankruptcy.  According to news reports, McKesson Corporation is seeking $67-million in return for the products it supplied the store with at the end of 2018.

McKesson supplies retailers with pharmaceutical products like prescription medications.  After shipping them, McKesson learned about the supposed insolvency of Shopko; news sources started reporting in November and December 2018 that Shopko was expected to announce bankruptcy plans.  Shortly after than, McKesson started noticing missing payments and discrepencies from Shopko.

The court application not only seeks payment in full, but also requests a restraining order which would prevent Shopko from selling the products that were obtained from McKesson.  If granted, the store would have to pull all of the prescription medications from the pharmacies located within their stores.

At the current time, Shopko holds firm that the bankruptcy rumors are just that - untrue stories..

Shopko operates three stores in the Northland: Duluth, Moose Lake, and Two Harbors.


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