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I don't plan on doing that and I am not going to reveal any secret in this article. I know someone that lost their Mother. They were close and talked about everything, or so they thought. There was nothing said about when she wanted to be resuscitated, whether she wanted machines hooked up to keep her alive, or who was making those decisions. It was a mess and made for a sad passing.

Another friend had a spouse pass away without any will or wishes being known about arrangements later, and they never had a dialogue about it either because she passed quickly from a heart attack. Something that they didn't see coming and she was young enough that they didn't see that coming.

Here is a website that will help get the conversation going and make plans for the end of life. It's called the Conversation Project. It helps to get plans going or done so that there is no guessing for what the final wishes are. 

There is also another website called Prepare To Care that handles all the care for the person when they go to the hospital. What they want for dementia care and other healthcare issues that the person can decide while they can answer those questions for themselves.

Obviously having a last will and testament will help the family settle the estate and when registered in court will become legal and will help get financial issues done and will leave the courts out of decisions. As you know Prince didn't have a will and the courts tied up things and the family was busy suing each other for how much of the estate each person was owed. I've heard it said before, money changes people, and money makes people nuts.

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Here is another search I did that will help with healthcare, power of attorney, will, and other legal things for people that want to be prepared. Click Here

The last thing to do is have the conversation, it's never too early. What do you want for a funeral, how it should be handled, who you want to give certain things in your house to, distribution of property, and the biggest one, always tell people how you feel about them so they know when you are gone.

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