I don't know what is happening at Pearson's Candy company but apparently they felt the need to come up with two new flavors of their classic Salted Nut Roll. For those of you who may not be in the loop the Pearson's Candy company started way back in 1909 and was first established in Minneapolis. They offer a variety of candies but I believe are most famous for their Salted Nut Roll candy bar which debut back in 1933.

According to their website "Amid the Great Depression, we introduce the Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll, which is perfectly positioned for both palate and pocketbook. Copycats try, but no one else can match the roll’s incredible crunch or salty-sweet flavor."

The company which is now based in St. Paul and has been for years has decided to release a limited edition of two new flavors of salted nut rolls after following consumer trends of sweet and spicy preferences. And so was born the "Cinnamon Churro" which combines "the sweet heat of red-hot cinnamon" and the new "Spicy" flavor is described as "a unique Tex-Mex style savory flavor."

I know for one that I am going to jump all over the Cinnamon Churro ones a combination of two of may favorite sweet treats. According to Bring Me The News These two new versions of the Salted Nut Roll are available in retail stores, and can also be purchased online on the company's Amazon shop. Could life be any more awesome or convenient when with a few clicks of the keyboard you can be surrounded by salted nut rolls, original and the cinnamon churro flavor which again is only available  for a limited time.

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