Keeping up with city politics has never been easier!  It's our right as citizens to elect people into leadership roles on the city council, committees, boards, commissions, and even the mayor's office; it's also our right to be able to keep up-to-date with what they're doing to serve us.  It was hard enough when things seemed "normal", but with the pandemic - keeping track of city government amid a maze of virtual meetings and links is hard.

That's the idea behind the newly-updated Agenda Center - located on the official website of the City of Superior.  With its launch, residents of the City of Superior have all sorts of details about their city government right at their fingertips - all at one convenient site.

The Agenda Center compiles things like agendas and minutes for a variety of city boards and committees.  Each is categorized by the council or committee involved, and then rank-ordered by date - making it easy to find what you're looking for.

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Here is a run-down of what divisions you'll find agendas and minutes for:

  • City Council
  • Communications & Information Technology Committee
  • Festival Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Golf Course Committee
  • Human Resource Committee
  • Liability Claims Committee
  • Library Board
  • Mayor's Commission On Communities Of Color
  • Mayor's Commission On Disabilities
  • Plan Commission
  • Police And Fire Commission
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Public Works Committee
  • Wisconsin Point Committee

While you can always visit the Agenda Center to access all of the data available, there is also an option to subscribe to each individual committee or board division. Once subscribed, you'll receive notifications in your email about updated or newly-added agendas and minutes.

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