OMC Smokehouse in Duluth is expanding into space next door.

I went to pick up some dinner last night at OMC Smokehouse and had a nice conversation with the owner Tom Hanson, owner of OMC, Duluth Grill, Corktown Deli, and Noble Pour and he was excited to show me their lastest improvement.

They have opened up the space between OMC and Noble Pour to expand dining for the smokehouse. He said they worked closely with the city of Duluth for the necessary permissions for the expansion.

The two spaces will now be combined into the OMC Smokehouse name but will allow for more spaced out seating necessary for when restaurants are allowed to reopen to dine-in customers.

This will also allow for an expanded drink menu for OMC Smokehouse to allow the sale of cocktails and other drink options to customers.

He said the pandemic has hit them significantly and they are doing everything they can to survive during this challenging time.

He told me they will be erecting a large outdoor tent at both OMC Smokehouse and at the Duluth Grill to accommodate for more outdoor dining while they wait for the permission to reopen to dine-in customers.

Please think about supporting OMC this weekend with an order of food, they are taking orders online and walk-up orders in the store. Everything on the menu is amazing, so give it a try.


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