Lt. Tom Henkle started his day like any other. Getting in his car and patrolling the highway and interstates keeping them safe. What he saw on this particular day was a first for him and was captured on his dash cam.

A topless woman riding with no hands on her handlebars. This was not a call, the woman drove right by his squad car like he wasn't even there. She was leaning back with her arms in an wing position and screaming at cars. She didn't have her shirt off but was exposed to all the drivers on the road.

According to CBS58 "What she was doing was accelerate, put her hands out, one hand out, then she would slow down lose it then get back on, then do it again then continue down the road for several miles," said Lt. Tom Henkle.

Police said eventually she fell off her bike and only suffered a scrape on the chin. The woman was on prescription drugs.

She was arrested for her 2nd OWI.

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