I received an email saying that my account/card would be auto-debited for $238.38 for the renewal of my Norton 360.

First, I don't have Norton on my computer, I wondered how they got my card, and not showing any of my card numbers, I know they didn't have my card. Norton has a way to contact them if you think you have an email from them. They will let you know if it is fake or not. They did say on WCNC that they would never ask for your info in an email, they do have a website for purchasing.

According to Norton, there are many things this email does if you decide to click on it and get caught up in it. It could drop some Malware on your computer so they can eventually get personal info like passwords and credit card numbers. They also can contact you and promise to fix the Malware problem by taking over your computer, which will allow them to get information. They can also get your card info to charge you for the program and not deliver anything and disappear.

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So what do you do? You look to see where this email comes from. Mine doesn't even come from Norton. That threw a red flag up right away. Like I said before, I knew they didn't have my card, I don't have Norton, and many other things that told me it was a scam. Plus, I am pro-active and check out that stuff right away with the websites and snopes.com. Norton says they have tech support to get help too.

Bottom line, go to the source, they don't want bad things happening because of their company, and will usually help you.

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Bill McGinty filed a report about this:

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