You are on the internet one night and search for something odd, many websites come up in your search that you haven't heard of. Be careful!! Some of them could be poisonous to your computer.

According to an article written by Tim Sprinkle for The Exchange and featured on Yahoo!, this is how the bad guys get you. You search, and several "bait sites" come up that look interesting to you because it has things that interest you. You click and it is a site that might drop malware on your computer to learn more about you. It can also drop several other things on your computer to get your passwords and other financial information. Most of the time you don't even know that is happening.

What can you do to protect yourself? Be aware of where you are going, maybe scan the site ahead of time. Google and Bing offer previews, you can usually tell by the site description, look for disjointed words and phrases.

Does the name fit what you are looking for? Sometimes the name might fit but then the description is way off. Sometimes the extension will tell you. If you search for something and an ending like,.RU or .IN, etc, these are from other countries and may not be safe.

Always find a good internet antivirus program. There are plenty out there that are free, some you pay, but you get more protection. PC Mag offers many names and links in this article. 




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