With the changing season comes the increased chance of contracting the flu.  While there are many ways to alleviate your chances of coming in contact with the virus that causes the flu, probably the most-successful is being vaccinated.  Every year, federal health officials diligently work to batch the right vaccination to help protect people - but getting the vaccine is key; it doesn't work if you don't get it.

Ahead of the 2019-2020 flu season, Wisconsin state health officials are urging everyone to get their dose of the vaccine.  According to their statistics:

Nationally, some 17 million workdays are missed due to flu. During last year’s Wisconsin flu season, 3,483 people were hospitalized and 604 were admitted to the intensive care unit due to flu-related complications. In the previous flu season, 7,526 people were hospitalized with the flu, the highest year on record.

Along those lines, the suggest that everyone should get the flu vaccine.  Their collateral information plainly states that "[g]etting the flu vaccine helps reduce your chances of getting sick from the flu and shortens the amount of time someone is sick. The flu vaccine can also reduce the symptoms if you do get the flu."

Finding a place to get the shot is easy, too.  Click here to visit Vaccinefinder.org - an interactive map that allows you to find the closest source to you.


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