UPDATE: 3/11/20

If you missed out on the chance to watch it, Northlander Michelle Anderson from Kerrick, MN appeared on The Price Is Right on Wednesday morning. Not only did she get the classic "come on down!", she also walked away a winner! I'm not going spoil the details for you, but she didn't leave empty-handed.

If you still want to watch the show, CBS makes episodes freely available to watch via their website for about a week or so. It is also available (even after the free period) via the paid service CBS All Access.

If you want to watch Michelle's appearance, you can catch the video here. The five most recent episodes are free to watch, so you should be able to check it out until next Wednesday's episode (March 18) is made available. She makes her appearance about halfway through the show. You can scrub the video to roughly the 17-minute mark if you don't want to watch the whole episode. That's when she makes her appearance.

Well done, Michelle!

Original Story: 3/10/20

Less than a year removed from another Northland native making an appearance on a popular game show, it's happening again! This time, it will be the long-running CBS hit show The Price Is Right.

The lucky person being told to "come on down!" will be Michelle Anderson, who calls Kerrick, MN home.

Michelle get her time on TV, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Drew Carey, on Wednesday morning (March 11) on CBS. How will she do? Will she win something awesome? We'll have to wait until the show airs at 10 am March 11. You can catch The Price Is Right locally on CBS3, or watch it on demand on CBS's website after it airs.

Good luck, Michelle! We'll be watching!

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