A relatively new alert system was put into use for the first time recently when a resident of the Northeast Regional Corrections Center (NERCC) escaped and Northland authorities worked to alert the general public.  St. Louis County's NorthlandAlert system was activated to help quickly alert people throughout the county about the situation, encourage them to be watchful, and help to find the escapee.  Authorities were able to find the escapee and bring him back into their system.

It's worth noting that the Northeast Regional Corrections Center was only added to the system this past fall. Details released by St. Louis County show that the Sheriff's Office worked at that point with Grand Lake and Canosia Township to get the facility added to the alert network as a notification option after "concerns were raised the last time a NERCC resident had escaped."

The NorthlandAlert system is a local emergency warning system used to notify subscribers about a variety of different situations.  Subscribers are able to sign up to receive essential information regarding threats to the overall health and safety of residents.

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Here's how the system works: subscribers sign up to receive notifications.  You can even choose how you receive those notifications - via phone call, text message, email, or a combination of all three.  NorthlandAlert is a partnership program that includes the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, and law enforcement and government agencies with the City of Duluth, Hermantown, Hibbing, Virginia, Chisholm, and Floodwood.

If you'd like to subscribe to receive notifications from NorthlandAlert, click here to visit the City of Duluth's website; there you'll find a hosted page that allows you to sign up or log in for notifications from the variety of agencies available.

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