It looks like Northland DFL leaders don't want to see Sunday liquor sales in the State of Minnesota.  While the 159-year ban on selling off-sale alcohol in the state passed the House hurdle 85-45 with plenty of non-partisan support down south, Representatives from the Arrowhead Region block-voted "no".

Looking at the votes across the state, the Northland is the only area where support for the measure was largely lacking;  it's also a strong-hold of the DFL party.  All told, none of the DFL Representatives from the Arrowhead voted for approval.  (It should be noted that one of the Representatives from the area was absent)

Here are the votes from Northern Minnesota:

  • District 03A:  Rep. Rob Ecklund (DFL) - No
  • District 03B:  Rep. Mary Murphy (DFL) - No
  • District 06A:  Rep. Julie Sanstede (DFL) - No
  • District 06B:  Rep. Jason Metsa (DFL) - No
  • District 07A:  Rep. Jennifer Schultz (DFL) - No
  • District 07B:  Rep. Liz Olson (DFL) - No
  • District 11A:  Rep. Mike Sundin (DFL) - No

The next step in the process is a vote in the Minnesota Senate.  If it passes there, it would hit Governor Mark Dayton's desk - where it's expected to get a signature from him.


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