You probably drive by them all the time and usually don't give them a single thought; those weight restriction signs are always placed by the entrance to a bridge - giving commercial truck drivers the information they need to know - whether or not the structure is rated for their cargo load.  Apparently a driver in North Dakota didn't understand the sign (or his load) or pay any attention to it; a truck hauling dried beans and 28 tons over the posted limit caused a one-hundred year-old bridge to collapse in Northwood, North Dakota.

The truck went through the 3rd Avenue Bridge over the Goose River.  Law enforcement officials say that the truck was hauling a 42 ton load and the bridge was rated for 14 tons - representing a 28 ton difference.

News sources suggest that the driver faces a fine of $11,400; no personal injuries were reported - only the damage to the bridge and the truck.  Officials say that the bridge will cost in excess of $1 million to replace.


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