The colorful baby marshmallow treats will not be available for Halloween or Christmas this year, but the chicks will return for Easter.

According to the USA TODAY, Just Born, the company that makes them said they sort of shut down for COVID-19 in the spring. They started a slow production schedule a little time later and realized they wouldn't be able to make enough of the well-known treat in time for Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.

They have many of the chicks made for Easter, but normally the company makes ghost and pumpkin marshmallow shapes for Halloween, then Christmas Trees for Christmas. USA TODAY reports once the company knew it wouldn't be able to fill orders till 2021, they began working toward Easter, one of the biggest holidays for the little candied chicks.

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The New York Post is reporting that Just Born, the Peeps Company, said its holiday-themed Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales candies won't be coming out this year. The company will resume its regular seasonal offerings starting with Halloween 2021 in order to concentrate on full chicks production.

Scary Mommy is saying that you can still get Peeps rabbits on if you really need peeps fixes. If you want pumpkins or Christmas trees, you are out of luck. They won't be available till 2021.

In my opinion, it's not that big of a deal, Easter has always been known as the month of Peeps anyway. I don't think I have ever purchased any Halloween or Christmas Peeps. Until I wrote this article I didn't even know they existed. I understand if you are a big Peeps fan, you love them whenever they come out.

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