Some unplanned nighttime demolition work has been put on the schedule for the I-35 corridor and the Twin Ports Interchange.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have released the news about the nighttime work scheduled to occur the overnights of October 6, 7, and 8.

The work - and the unexpectant nature of it - are tied to the upcoming traffic shift planned for the northbound lanes of I-35; that shift will see all northbound traffic on the interstate diverted to the newly-finished southbound lanes - with two lanes available for traffic. That shift will happen on Friday, October 8 and MNDOT and the contractor for the project are working on the punch list to make sure that that switch occurs on time.

According to the details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the purpose of the nighttime work is for partial demolition of low level bridges in advance of the traffic being placed on the former southbound I-35.  Agency officials have noted that bridge demolition adjacent to traffic is a risk for the traveling vehicles in the area.  Both the Minnesota Department of Transportation and its contractor, Ames Kraemer Joint Venture seek to avoid any problems.

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Additionally, delaying the shift of northbound traffic on I-35 after Friday would add delays and impacts to the ability to start and finish the northbound on ramp from 27th Avenue West after the traffic shift is completed.

Drivers are urged to use caution. Slow down.  Avoid distractions.

For more details about the Twin Ports Interchange (Can of Worms) project or any of the road work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, click here.

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