What an awesome addition to downtown Duluth: a new boutique flea market has officially opened!

There have been some awesome additions to the area recently. A year ago this month a soul food restaurant opened on W First Street. The spot is called Doc Witherspoon's Soul Food Shack and the menu looks delicious.

A taco shop also opened in downtown Duluth in 2021. It is called Tacos, Tacos, Tacos and they have authentic favorites like beef tongue and grilled cactus. They are reopening in a new location at some point this year.

The popular Blacklist Brewing is also located downtown, although in a new location! They recently shared some fun behind-the-scenes footage of the new spot, which isn't too far away from their original location.

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Now, we have another awesome business. I was driving to work one day when I spotted a giant sign that said "IN CAHOOTS" in big white letters. I did some research and learned all about the spot, which has a special twist.

Overall, In Cahoots is a boutique flea market. According to their official business page on Facebook, it spotlights items from women-owned businesses in the Northland. The twist is that it isn't just one business: it is a bunch of different business under one roof.

The businesses spotlighted in the store include Vintage Lake Girls, Currier Bliss, Oatmeal Hill and Reimagined Creative Workshop. It is located near the Holiday Inn on W 1st Street.

FOX 21 spoke to the owner of the new shop, who says she hopes that the waiting list will grow and possibly become a permanent rotating pop-up shop at some point in the future.

The popular Hucklebeary store is also renting out part of the space while they seek another permanent location. Their original location was also in downtown Duluth but they had to move, along with several other nearby businesses.

I walked by the new spot and it looks like a really cool store from what I can see. They held an official grand opening on Monday (April 25th), complete with a ribbon cutting and all. It is great to see new business in downtown Duluth!

Speaking of business, it is also Get Downtown Week, where businesses of all kinds offer discounts and deals. Everywhere from Duluth Pack to 7 West Taphouse is participating. It's a perfect time to support local businesses and treat yourself.

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