Projects were announced by the city of Duluth Public Works Department will be repairing and lining pipes around the city.

The city plans on conducting a Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) for sewer lines this summer. starting next week. This project will help sustain a reliable sewer system for the long term and help reduce infiltration of groundwater into the sewer lines. This work will be completed through Veit, the City’s contractor.

Equipment will be set up at manholes in and adjacent to city streets primarily during the daytime hours with the new lining expected to cure in about 6-8 hours. Some locations will include excavation, such as 27th Ave West at 10th Street on June 13-15, to prepare the pipe for the lining. Crews will return following the excavation and lining process to patch the road, which will require temporary road closures.

Prior to the lining process, residents and business will be notified in writing. Property owners can prepare for the project by making sure all building drains and traps are filled with water. The CIPP process can produce a chemical odor for a short period of time but will dissipate. The work is expected to be complete by October 31st.

Neighborhoods getting lining are:

  • Gary New Duluth - Hudson Blvd. and McCuen Street
  • West Skyline Parkway - culvert near 99th Ave West
  • Lincoln Park- Devonshire St.; excavations on W. 23rd Ave (at West 3rd St) and W. 24th Ave (at W. 10th St.)
  • Duluth Heights - Lemon Street
  • East Hillside - E 8th and 9th Streets East of 6th Ave East; East 4th Street near 16th Ave East
  • Park Point - 29th to 44th Streets, includes some excavation
  • Downtown - W. 6th Ave and W. 3rd Avenues; does not include Superior Street and Michigan Street
  • Woodland - Woodland Ave at 8th St. and excavation at Elizabeth Street; Snelling Ave
  • Lakeside - Oneida Street at 45th Ave East

Questions about the process can be directed to Tom Pfeffer, Senior Engineer, at (218) 730-5104 or to

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