When I was a kid I read about UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. I wondered if they really existed because there are so many unexplained phenomena.

Lately, Bigfoot sightings have been happening all over the world, and better photos and footprints are being found. There is still that mystery, does he really exist?

UFO sightings have been happening closer to home and even in our back yard. Better photos, better evidence, but still nothing for sure whether they really exist.

Even the Loch Ness Monster has come under fire. There have been many pics offered as proof. There have been a few people to put probes and sonars into the water and drag it all over the Loch and came up with nothing that could prove or disprove. The guy that got the best photograph of "Nessie" said he faked it. So, maybe they don't exist.

Enter Steve Challice from Southampton, England. He was vacationing with his brother and was taking all kinds of photos as we all do. He was visiting the Loch Ness and snapped a few pics and one seemed to stand out more than the others. When he looked closer it seems to be some kind of large creature that was above water and swimming and appeared quite large. He posted his pic on Facebook and it went viral.

Steve might have faked it, but he isn't copping to it and he thinks he didn't capture anything. He isn't claiming it's "Nessie" at all. So I'm wondering what the real story is. What's his angle. He is letting the photo go viral, he isn't trying to make money. He isn't even making public appearances. He says it might be a large fish some kind coming up to feed.

What do you think?

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