If you use a CPAP device and use an iPhone you might find the latest iPhone update gives you an added feature.

Do you ever get ready for bed, slap on your CPAP, lay in bed, and jump on your phone until you're ready for sleep? If so, you may have run into a scenario where you need to use a password or get into an app that uses Apple's Face ID technology, and for it to work you needed to take off your CPAP mask from your face for the Face ID to work. Not anymore.

The latest iOS 15.4 for iPhone includes a major upgrade to the Face ID feature that allows certain iPhones to recognize your face even while wearing a facemask, Apple says with the option turned on iOS will "analyze the unique characteristics around your eyes" to make the Face ID work, and it turns out that this new feature will help with people that wear a CPAP too.

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If you weren't prompted to turn the upgraded Face ID on, you can control everything in your iPhone's settings in the Face ID & Passcode area. If you decide to turn the feature on you'll be prompted to scan your face, and you'll need to scan a second time if you wear glasses.

I went through this quick process and I can confirm that I've had no issues at all unlocking my phone while wearing my CPAP, yes it's a little thing, but if you wear a CPAP and have someone sleeping next to you, having to take your mask off to use the Face ID was not ideal, the airflow through those masks can sound like a jet engine.

Now there is a good chance that it may not work for you, I think it will depend on what type of CPAP mask you wear, I just use the nasal pads, so the top of my face isn't covered, but if you wear a large mask, you still will likely have issues using the Face ID, but it's worth trying if it's something that would benefit you, it can't hurt.

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