Jason Aten of msn.com was one of the first to report this proposed settlement back in March, but now some of the settlement is coming to light.

Apple was sued over a throttling issue which has to do with your batteries and the phone's power distribution and allegedly tried to cover it by updating its operating system and sell new batteries at a cheap price. So many people purchased new batteries and thought it was taken care of.

According to MacWorld Apple was sued in a class-action suit. What does that mean for you? You might have a part of it. How much? $25 for each person that files a claim. You don't have to agree with the settlement, and the courts might not agree with it. On December 4th, the courts will decide if that is fair.

According to MSN, the courts also need to know what you want to do. You can:

Accept the agreement and file your claim. You could receive less than $25 is more people file a claim that what is expected.

Opt-out of the settlement and sue Apple yourself. If you choose to opt-out and the settlement is accepted, you get nothing from the class action suit.

Oppose the settlement. You can say it's not fair and you want the court to consider more. You can even ask to be there in person to address them to tell them what you think. You will still be in the settlement, but you can voice your opinions.

If you want to be excluded, you can let them know, but as customary, do nothing and you will be excluded.

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According to the settlement website, here is how you qualify:

Not everyone qualifies though. Here are the payout requirements;

  • US citizen and own your phone before December 21, 2017.
  • Must be models iPhone 6, 6 PLUS, 6s Plus or SE OR an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.
  • Find your serial number on your device's original package
  • You have to submit your claim by October 6, 2020, via online or by mail.

You get $25 per phone...so if you've got a family plan, you are owed more money and make sure your claim says that.

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