To be honest, I've actually been to the OMC Smokehouse at 1909 West Superior St.
Duluth twice.  But I forgot to take pictures my first time so I made sure to do so this time.  They serve smoked meats, craft beer and sides all done very uniquely.  Here's my review.

There is a first you should know before we even get to the table.  How to enter the establishment, because the door is not located on Superior Street, instead you go to the side of the building.  Not a big deal, but I need to get you into the restaurant to enjoy it!

Both times we arrived we were greeted and seated almost immediately.  Once you are settled at your table your server will introduce themselves, take your drink order and leave you with a small biscuit with some sort of jam (we thought it was cranberry in nature).  The menu at the OMC is very diverse and covers both meat and vegetarian options.  The food was delicious both times we dined at OMC Smokehouse.  The vegetables have been fresh, the flavors go well with each other and each table is given a basket with 4 different sauces that range from flavored BBQ sauces to a yummy ranch type sauce with a hint of horseradish (my favorite).

My husband ordered the OMC Burger because he likes burgers with sunny side up eggs. It's huge, not only the bun but the burger itself.  We were surprised they were able to cook it all the way through (no pink) yet it was perfect on the outside and very juicy.  The first time he ordered french fries and I ate half of them.  Thin, crispy and perfect to use to taste test all the sauces.  The second time he had the roasted bacon and blue cheese potato salad, I had a taste and it was so very yummy and something you can't get just anywhere.  What goes great with a burger?  A craft beer of course and we thought it was cool that they strive to serve and support many of our local beer crafters.

Cathy Kates

I had the Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps and enjoyed them very much.  It's sweet, spicy, the pork is tasty and the veggies crisp.  I add the ranch/horseradish sauce from the selection and I'm ready to roll.

Cathy Kates

The staff has been friendly and helpful with suggestions both times we were there and the atmosphere is cozy with a big city feel.  Come as you are and you'll fit right in.  The only thing that I will say that might be construed as negative is that the entrance to the restaurant is directly into the dining area and both times we've been there the chilly air has crept in.  I'm sure that will change as the weather warms and I am fully prepared to bring a sweater.  I'm very impressed with the food and our dining experience, two thumbs up!