We all know full well that the camera does not lie and a group of teens stealing a car and running from police was caught on camera by the Minnesota Department of Transportation outside of St. Paul. Not that the police will necessarily need this as evidence as they were in hot pursuit.

The cameras in Little Canada Minnesota caught a crash on the I-35E when a group of teenagers smashed into a median on the freeway in a stolen KIA. Apparently, the driver crashed while trying to avoid stop sticks laid down by the police.

According to FOX9 St. Paul Police, Public Information Mike Ernster stated: "the incident began around 5:30 p.m. when a rental car company contacted St. Paul Police saying they had a GPS tracker on a 2021 Kia Forte that had been stolen in Minneapolis and was headed to St. Paul."

St. Paul Police had help from a State Patrol helicopter and the pilot used a GPS tracker to locate the stolen vehicle as it came to a stop on a St. Paul street. As St. Paul Police officers approached the vehicle the teens got back in the car and took off. The St. Paul Police called off the pursuit due to the fact it was in a residential neighborhood, but the State Patrol helicopter was still tracking the vehicle from above.

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That is when the KIA then sped onto the highway, the crash occurred roughly 15 minutes after the initial stop. State Trooper vehicles were waiting for the teens on the highway, all four were arrested a 14-year-old-boy and three girls ages 15-17. Two of the girls were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Thank goodness nobody was injured or killed by these teens driving recklessly through crowded neighborhoods and the freeway. Plus who knows if the person driving even had a license? Thank goodness the State Patrol was able to track them from a distance which probably saved the lives of many people. Watch the chase below:

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