Thanks to a Mom in Pennsylvania who posted on Facebook how tough Trick Or Treating is for her Autistic son who is non-verbal, she may just have started a revolution with other parents across the country. A handful of social media posts have followed and other families are jumping on board as well like the family in the picture below.

Not to be confused with the teal pumpkins that people put out which are to alert families that they are a food allergy safe house for Trick or Treaters. One of the Mom's credited with starting the trend had explained that her young son is non-verbal and often times when they stopped at a house the people handing out candy would wait for him to say trick or treat and she would have to explain that he can't speak, which would obviously get exhausting each and every time.

Even though the Blue Pumpkin bucket is not a Universal symbol for autism awareness and Trick Or Treating it is a start to bring to light the fact that for some kids this can be a very challenging thing to do and also to be aware that older kids on the spectrum might still enjoy Trick or Treating too.

I think all of this is very important and for most people who answer the door when kids come by on Halloween they are more aware then ever that not every kids is going to act or react the same. Just be patient and kind as this is a really big deal for some kids to overcome the fear and anxiety to even go up to your door. Here is to a safe and funny Trick or Treating for all! :)

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