The work is done for the season but that doesn't mean that it's complete.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting drivers that their active work zone at the Highway 61 bridge near Two Harbors is complete for the 2021 road construction season.

Prior to leaving the work site for the season, MNDOT crews completed the temporary bypass and surcharges at Silver Creek.  Highway 61 traffic in that area will remain on the temporary bypass at Silver Creek through the winter months and the entire 2022 summer road construction season.

MNDOT has a few cautions to pass along about that temporary bypass.  The bypass has 11-foot wide lane widths and travelers will encounter a 35 mile per hour advisory speed limit through the bypass.

And while there is a pause on the work for the winter season, that doesn't mean that the road construction in that area is completed.  According to timeline details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, road construction operations on the project will resume in May 2022 at both the Silver Creek and the Stewart River.

Two Harbors roadside city limits sign with population for Two Harbors, MN
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For more information on the total Highway 61 bridges project near Two Harbors, visit the project page that's available on the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website.  You'll find a complete overview of the scope of the work, timelines, maps, drawings, and more.

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MNDOT also maintains similar information about all of the work that they oversee throughout the greater State of Minnesota.  Additionally, they have a geographically-focused page that related to work in District 1 - Northeastern Minnesota.

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