The Minnesota Department of Transportation recently finished up a five year study of speeds on highways throughout the state.  Based on recommendations resulting from that survey, MNDOT is set to raise the speed limits on 5,240 miles of state highways.  Drivers can anticipate seeing the miles per hour signs go from 55 to 60 along specific stretches. The increase marks the largest change to speed limits in the State of Minnesota since 1974 when President Richard Nixon's Emergency Highway Conservation Act set the national speed limit at 55 miles per hour.

All told, MNDOT studied more than 7,000 miles of roadways at a cost of $1.2 million.  The resulting speed increases represents a change to 77-percent of the roadways studied

As part of the research, MNDOT collected travel speed samples on each of the roadways, comparing them to geometrics and hazards inherent in area.  For each of the areas where speed limits were eventually raised, the agency determined that the change could occur without affecting motorist safety.

To learn more about the study and see which highways will see the increases, click here to read the final study results.


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