Somehow it's apropos that this event is occurring during what will perhaps be the coldest week of our Northland winter.  St. Louis County is conducting their annual homeless count the evening of January 23, 2019; that's the survey they take to count "unsheltered homeless" - those not staying in a shelter on one defined single evening.

The work is conducted by the Saint Louis County’s Public Health and Human Service Department.  To complete the survey, staffers will canvass the area on the morning of January 24 to determine and document where homeless spent the evening just prior.  Ctizens who have information or for people who are homeless and willing to complete a brief survey, county staff and other partners will be at the following locations on Thursday:


  • Government Services Center:  20 West 2nd Street, Central Client Area
  • Damiano Center: 206 West 4th Street
  • LifeHouse-Drop in Center:  102 West 1st Street
  • St. Louis County Veteran's Services Office:  4815 Burning Tree Road, #100
  • Duluth Warming Center (if activated):  5830 Grand Avenue


  • AEOA: 702 3rd Avenue South
  • Bill's House Shelter: 210 3rd Street North
  • St. Louis County Veteran’s Services Office: 307 1st Street South


  • Access North: 1309 E 40th Street
  • St. Louis County Veteran’s Services Office: 1814 14th Avenue East, #101


  • St. Louis County Veteran’s Services Office: 320 Miner's Drive East

Bois Forte:

  • 13071 Nett Lake Road-Suite B
  • New Moon, 1224 White Pine Circle, Tower

The annual survey plays an important role in the county's allocation of funds.  Money and resources awarded to communities to fight homelessness are based on documented counts of homeless persons and families. It also provides important documentation that is considered when planning for housing needs. There is a strong attempt to connect veterans who are homeless with services that can help find them find appropriate housing.

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