Need a job?  The Minnesota Department of Transportation just might be your ticket - especially if you're looking for temporary summer jobs - the kind that are perfect for a student or teenager.

Even though the snow might still be on the ground and summer may seem a far way off, officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation is working to get the word out about the variety of temporary jobs they have currently available. In fact, in an effort to reach out to the younger demographic that typically fills these sort of jobs, they've taken to social media platforms like Facebook to help spread the message.

The Northland falls under what MNDOT labels as District One.  Our particular district has a variety of open positions.  You can visit their website to get all the details, but you're encouraged to seek (or search) out the following:

  • Temporary Transportation Associate (Job ID 52892)
  • Temporary Laborer General (Job ID 52887)
  • Student Worker Para Professional (Job ID 52872)

While the state agency isn't making mention of it and makes no promises, sometimes these seasonal, temporary sort of positions help a prospective job seeker open the door to a more permanent job. If nothing else, working seasonally for a government entity like MNDOT looks good on a resume and allows a candidate to network and make the sort of connections that could lead to other opportunities.

In addition to the seasonal jobs that are being publicized during this particular campaign, the state agency offers a wide variety of other jobs. Those are also listed on the careers page of the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

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