You have to admit we have had warmer than normal temperatures in the month of May and June. This is causing problems for Minnesota Roads.

Buckling appears out of nowhere, sometimes you can spot it sometimes you don't catch it until you come right upon it. Heat is building up in areas that get a lot of sun, and the danger zones are on the interstate areas but can happen on cemented county roads or even in residential areas.

What causes a buckle? Here's what it says on the official MnDOT sight:

When a road is constructed it is cut into segments creating a space for expansion and contraction. Sometimes that space is not enough and when that happens the pavement buckles or blows up, particularly when the pavement is older and weaker. The warmer the temperature the more the pavement material expands. The sun heats the pavement, and the pavement expands and then buckles. Buckles more commonly occur on older concrete pavements.

MnDOT is warning that pavement buckles can be very dangerous for motorists. Try not to drive over a buckle if possible. Instead, slow down and safely move into another lane. Call 911 if you encounter one. Pay attention to driving hot days too, when the heat rises so does the road and it will cause problems into the winter.

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So far I have not seen any reports in the Northland on the highways, just in and around the Twin Cities area. I'm not saying it's not going to happen, with the heatwave we have been getting, it could cause some damage. The key is paying attention when you drive and avoiding the areas that look like they have buckled and report them to authorities.

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