What better way to get updated information than direct from the source?  As we approach the middle part of the summer road construction season, agency officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are preparing to give that update with a public meeting.

That next public meeting session has been scheduled for Monday, July 25 starting at 12:15 PM.  While MNDOT has started moving many of their public meeting sessions back to in-person or a hybrid of in-person and virtual, the state agency will continue offering the updates for the Twin Ports Interchange in a virtual-only method.

These update meetings are an excellent opportunity to get important details about the largest road construction work zone in probably the history of the Twin Ports.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has made significant progress this summer on this multi-year project - even if much of it hasn't been entirely visible to the average driver who passes through the work zone on a daily basis.  During this session, attendees will have the chance to get updates, ask questions, and provide commentary.

To attend the virtual public meeting on July 25, MNDOT has established a link on the project page for the work site on their website.  Click here for details and to obtain that link.  You can also join the meeting via the telephone, by calling 855-282-6330 and entering the access code:  2489 511 9545.  In addition, MNDOT will record the session and upload the video after it's over for those who can't attend the meeting on the date in question.

For more details about the Twin Ports Interchange Project (Can of Worms) or any of the road construction projects coordinate by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, check out their website.

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