While you may not want to see one of them in your car's rear view mirror, the State Patrol vehicles used by law enforcement officers represent a wide variety of different color schemes, markings, and designs.  A current survey is seeking out the "Best Looking Cruiser" from 49 states; Hawaii is not included in the survey because they are the only state in  the nation that does not have a State Patrol.  Local to us, both the Wisconsin and the Minnesota State Patrol have taken to social media to campaign for your votes.

Sometimes called the Highway Patrol, the State Patrol is governed by each state - without a national direction.  In other words, each state designates the duties and responsibilities of their officers.  There are some states where the State Patrol enforces other offenses, but the one common task is patrolling state and federal highways.

Speaking of the two states that most represent the Twin Ports or Arrowhead region, there is a ten-year difference between their formation years.  The Minnesota State Patrol was originally formed in 1929 - while the Wisconsin State Patrol first came into being in 1939.

The voting ends Tuesday, July 30 at 2:00 PM.  To cast your vote, click here.  The website displays photos of the State Patrol cruisers for the 49 states - and even allows you to search by state.

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