If you're a Minnesota Power customer, you probably saw a positive impact on your most-recent utility bill - and it may have taken you by surprise.  News sources suggest that the average Minnesota Power customer is seeing a rebate of $57 on this months bill - the result of an earlier proposed rate increase that was later trimmed back.

Back in January, Minnesota Power sought a rate increase of 5.6% - an amount that was later trimmed to 1.8% by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.  As the company waited for the authority to raise rates, they had already increased rates to their customers.  Law says that the rate must match and that the difference must be refunded back to the consumer.

But if you're a Minnesota Power customer, you may not want to spend that money too soon; the utility company is expected to ask for a rate increase later in 2019. Minnesota Power cites a reduction in revenue and expiring contracts for the necessity of the rate increase.



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