What may have seemed "futuristic" even a few short years ago is fast becoming a reality; as technology advances, automated vehicles are definitely an element of the present, and that reality brings with it different sets of situations that must be accounted for.  In order to be proactive and keep pace with the growing number of states that already have similar legislation for connected and automated vehicles, the Minnesota Governor's Advisory Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles released a report outlining their recommendations.

The report details suggestions that would increase safety, enhance mobility options, expand the economy, and maximize health and the environment.

According to a release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the recommendations include passing legislation to authorize a pilot program for the safe testing of automated vehicles.  In addition, the release also outlines a similar testing program for truck platooning - which allows two or more vehicles equipped with connected technology to travel in a convoy exempt from following distance requirements.

To see the full report and read the details for yourself, click here.


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